Custom steel bicycle frames handcrafted in Berlin

I see a bicycle as a source of joy. It should bring a smile to your face whether you're riding it, looking at it, or simply contemplating your next journey. Traveling by bicycle is when I feel my calmest and happiest. It's no surprise that most of the bikes emerging from my workshop are tailored for long-distance cycling and bikepacking. I prioritize the comfort and individual needs of the rider over sport-optimized race geometry. These bikes are designed to be effortlessly ridden on rough terrain and have ample capacity to carry all the gear you might need for days or even months on the road or trail.

While the heart of my work revolves around the wishes and dreams of my clients, I won’t hesitate to intervene if certain ideas or expectations seem unfeasible. This approach ensures that I consistently deliver the best work and overall results possible.

My offer primarily includes frames, forks, frame sets, complete bicycles and stems. Modifications to existing frames and forks are possible, but I do not carry out repairs on defective products from other suppliers.

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All-day ride, Gravel bike or Bikepacking-MTB? I build bicycle frames for almost any purpose using high-quality, bicycle-specific tubing provided by Reynolds, Columbus, Dedacciai, and 4130 chromoly steel. Frame prices start at €2300, but vary greatly depending on the processing method and the general design.


A frameset with an off-the-shelf or custom fork, or even a fully built bicycle with parts tailored to your needs. I offer a wide range of high-quality bicycle components and will happily assist you in choosing the right ones for your new bicycle. However, I will also consider existing components when planning our project. I can offer completely built bicycles starting at a price of about €6000.


I offer forks for your already existing bike. No matter if you are just after a different look or it has a practical reason. Truss fork, cargo fork, segmented, unicrown or lugged, there is a wide range of different designs I can offer. All forks are built from bicycle-specific tubing and 4130 steel.


I offer a hands-on opportunity to learn how to build a bike from scratch. While you might not construct the frame of your wildest dreams immediately, you’ll gain practical skills in brazing, as well as a basic understanding of using machinery.

I take pleasure in teaching others what I’m passionate about and sharing my expertise. However, it’s crucial for me that a student’s motivation and expectations align with mine. In my opinion, this is the only way we can achieve a result that satisfies both of us. The emphasis should always be on the learning process and not just the end product.

I offer a limited number of frame-building courses each year, depending on my availability.

The price for a frame-building class is €2500 + materials. Given the need for proficient brazing skills, especially in heat control to ensure a strong and safe frame, I don’t work with stainless steel tubing for beginners.

Image by Petor Georgallou / The Radavis


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Have questions?

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Have questions?

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